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Aerobic Exercises act as Brain Boosters

Numerous papers, magazines and online articles have in the past announced examination discoveries done by others. For those individuals who may not be studies, the data found from these media roads might be finished wellsprings of data, however for those that are keen on confirming any given data, at that point examining the first examination will be indispensable. This is on the grounds that the examination reports in media may not give better subtleties of procedure or other preventative articulations that have been made by the researchers.This expression paper makes a basic investigation of Peter Jaret’s article on the CNN’s site entitled â€Å"Brain sponsors: Exercising your psyche as you age. † Research: Aerobic Fitness Reduces Brain Tissue Loss in Aging Humans The examination entitled â€Å"Aerobic Fitness Reduces Brain Tissue Loss in Aging Humans† was led to look at the connection between vigorous wellness and mind tissues in an old grown-up populac e (Colcombe ET al, 2003). The examination was significant in that the mind begins losing tissues as one gets more seasoned which thusly makes the subjective execution to decline.This can empower measures that can lessen costs identified with geriatric consideration set up. This might be finished by thinking of instruments that can be utilized to turn around or lessen this mind crumbling. The exploration was additionally never really affirm or discredit the past investigates that proposed that high-impact wellness preparing improves the intellectual capacity of elderly folks individuals and that it can improve the cerebrum wellbeing of maturing creatures tried in the research facility (Colcombe ET al, 2003).The focused on populace was comprised of more seasoned grown-ups in the network who were more than fifty five years, were correct given, advanced, and had been enrolled for open fliers, grounds wide e-mailings and paper commercials (Colcombe ET al, 2003). The individuals who were avoided were those that were underneath the expressed age, got under twenty in Mini-Mental State Examination and had a background marked by natural mind brokenness and stroke. Likewise the members were rejected if the detailed claustrophobia or had pacemakers or metallic embeds, this was accomplished for wellbeing reasons relating to attractive reverberation imaging setting.The respondents were additionally to get composed endorsement letters from their primary care physicians with the goal that they can experience the cardiovascular pressure test. The examination was affirmed by the University of Illinois’ Institutional Review Board notwithstanding the scientists fulfilling moral guidelines that were applicable (Colcombe ET al, 2003). The initial segment of the examination approach was to gauge the dim and white issues of the cerebrum from the Magnetic Resolution (high thickness) pictures and afterward the appraisals of the maximal oxygen take-up (V O2max).The mind pictures were taken utilizing three dimensional ruined inclination successions on a General Electric scanner. The Rockport 1-mile walk convention was utilized to evaluate the participant’s cardiovascular wellness. The effect of cardiovascular wellness on cerebrum tissue contrasts in thickness that are age related was gotten to utilizing a voxel-based morphometric method. The strategy is helpful in that it gives a methods for assessing tissue decay in the whole mind with spatial goals that is high which at that point permits finishes of the factors on cerebrum matter change (Colcombe ET al, 2003).Before examination was done the pictures were taken through various preprocessing stages. First the tissues that are non cerebrum were expelled from the picture of the leader of the members. The other three pictures were isolated into three maps to speak to the thickness of the white issue, the dark issue and the cerebrospinal liquid. All the pictures were then inspected by specialists who did n't have earlier data of the participants’ wellness with the goal that they could be objective in their alignment (Colcombe ET al, 2003).Though sixty people had communicated their enthusiasm to take an interest in the investigation, fifty five were qualified to finish the two faces because of the way that three were more youthful; one individual had an embedded pacemaker, eight had claustrophobia and one scored less MMSE score. The members were matured between fifty five and seventy nine years implying that the age mean score was 66. 5 years. By and large the example was 44. 4 percent men; many being accomplished (normal 16. 1 years in training). The outcomes indicated that the white issues of the cerebrums were being lost as one proceeded aging.Also, those districts that are for the most part influenced by maturing are the ones that demonstrated the best favorable circumstances of oxygen consuming wellness. Wellness as indicated by the outcomes assumes the job of directing d ecrease in tissue thickness that is identified with age. The outcomes indicated that tissue densities in the parietal, frontal and fleeting cortices of the mind lessen as the maturing procedure advances. Additionally it was discovered that the misfortunes were decreased by the cardiovascular wellness work in any event, when different factors were controlled (Colcombe ET al, 2003).The examination was significant as it was an affirmation that there is a connection between cardiovascular wellness and the degeneration the way that had recently been speculated. There was likewise the affirmation that cardiovascular wellness insurance and upgrade of the psychological capacity in the more seasoned grown-ups has an organic premise. This is an avocation of different investigations that had demonstrated that taking cell reinforcement enhancements could turn around maturing in more seasoned cerebrums; intellectual preparing could aid the conservation of mind function.The research report likewi se recommend that there are oxygen consuming exercises’ benefits that go past wellbeing markers (cardiovascular) which can even influence the cerebrum (Colcombe ET al, 2003). Summation of the article In the CNN’s article online that is entitled â€Å"Brain promoters: Exercising your psyche as you age,† there are some exploration gives that the writer, Peter Jaret has dealt with. He expresses that the scientists have built up that physical and mental exercises ensure one’s memory and helping the person in question remain alert (Jaret, 1999).He additionally alludes to the past explores expressing that the speed of mind handling does back off as one keeps on progressing in years and furthermore that between the age of twenty five and fifty five individuals can free around twenty five percent of their neurotransmitters (associations which transfer messages between neurons). Likewise that the more seasoned individuals experience issues in concocting either num bers or names; this being on the grounds that memory takes additional time in recovering the data.He additionally specifies Robert Dustman’s article in 1990 that expresses that those individuals who are vigorously fit are better in remaining alarm and focus or even in recognition of data. He cites the executive of Gerontology at the University of Texas who expresses that two physical components are the ones that predicts the presentation (on trial of data preparing) of an individual. The creator gives the motivation behind why vigorous wellness influences the mind decisively on the grounds that activities permit veins to stay open and the heart to stay solid, along these lines permitting the cerebrum to work appropriately since the supplements can arrive at the mind cells.He states that neurons that make two percent of the complete body weight use around one fourth of the oxygen and glucose consumption by the body. Activities additionally permit portions of the parity and dev elopment that keep the associations of the neurons solid (Jaret, 1999). Jaret (1999) additionally makes reference to the explores that discovered that psychological acrobatic are valuable in the protection of mental aptitude. He refers to the examination by Meyer who recorded his exploration discoveries in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society in 1990 expressing that blood stream for the individuals who have permitted their psyches to be inert declines.The creator specifies the 1998 issue of Neuroscience where the analysts found that synapses can recreate; the investigation that was finished utilizing rodents. He additionally specifies Robert Goldman’s proposals on the manners in which one can create cerebrum associations that are underused. Initial, one can mess around that require thinking, remember verse and refrains, understanding articles and books that are testing lastly take part in rehearses that are viewed as intricate or troublesome (Jaret, 1999).Critique of the Article Studying the article, unmistakably the writer had done what's needed examination before he chose to submit it for distributing. This is on the grounds that a significant number of the examination discoveries that he makes reference to are either gone before or followed by their creators or the sources from where the data had been gotten. Data about the speed of brain’s handling easing back with the headway old enough had just been demonstrated in the explores by Colcombe ET al.Other claims that the creator has made and that are checked by the discoveries of this exploration incorporate the level of the neural connections that are lost as age advances, between the age of twenty five and fifty five and that activities keeps the blood streaming to the synapses realities that are likewise referenced in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. At the point when he expresses that psychological vaulting can safeguard mental ability he aggress with the examination done by Marks Et al (2007) entitled â€Å"Role of oxygen consuming wellness and maturing on cerebral white issue incorporate. †Despite the investigated realities that the author of the article has given, there are subtleties that he has not given the perusers maybe in view of as far as possible permitted in the media distributions. The strategy utilized by the scientists has not been demonstrated and other significant subtleties, for example, research plans, information assortment techniques, and the factors. This makes the perusers incapable to get the last subtleties of the explores. This anyway doesn't at any structure delude the peruser as the writer was mindful so as to refer to the wellsprings of the data that he has taking everything into account, obviously Peter Jaret article was elegantly composed, refering to the sources from where

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Critical shopper Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Basic customer - Article Example The staff at the extravagance store Louis Vuitton assumes so; given the nature of a portion of the product that they have been selling of late. While the previously mentioned harmed merchandise were the objects of accounts, which disappointed clients of Louis Vuitton have shared on the web, there is consistently a second side to the story. This is the reason I made a decision about it important to travel to one of their stores with the eyes of a basic customer. The picture that a store wins is a result of its products, its store, and its administration. The awfulness accounts of the costly items ending up being of less fortunate quality than anticipated are downright a disclosure concerning the significant expense rises to great equation. In any case, I have faith in giving the other two factors an exhaustive examination too before making any last decisions. Along these lines, I compose this scrutinize with a point of view that envelops a few unique parts of Louis Vuitton. The pictur e this brand sets in the brains is one of class, effortlessness, and magnificence. It intends to set an elevated requirement in style, while demonstrating its intrigue to the upper working class and the tip top in explicit. Louis Vuitton engineers the environment of its stores to outline definitely to this picture. The tastefulness with which the store is enriched and made conveys an understood message of more significant level class. One can judge by the look and feel of the spot that this brand spends a few a huge number of dollars to structure the sense of taste of the dividers and afterward decorate them with agile plans and retires (Louis Vuitton, 2011). Consequently, Louis Vuitton prevails with regards to having a store air, which is indistinguishable from the picture they depict of the brand. Something else that the store obviously puts vigorously in is the enrichment done all through the store. This incorporates the way the various items the store brings to the table are mas terminded all through the store, and how well their cleanliness and request is kept up. These were all rich and deliberately kept up, with the goal that the vibe of the store didn't lose its spotless and very much kept up fascinate during any piece of great importance which I spent there. One particularly striking element of the store was the way where the decorators have masterminded the diverse product at a bargain. A few of the stores that Louis Vuitton has, don't sell garments. They represent considerable authority in cowhide merchandise, which is the reason their slogan is ‘Epi Leather.’ These products incorporate wallets, packs and totes, and shoes. Different frill they sell incorporate shades and adornments. Indeed, even the store window shows the products in a dazzling way, which would pull in a purchaser to enter the store and view. This is one part of the store, against which the clients will in all probability not have any grumblings. It fulfills the picture of the store because of which such a large number of individuals visit and purchase from Louis Vuitton. As the vibe of the store passes examination, we proceed onward to the subsequent factor, which makes up the genuine picture of the store among its clients. The store was well furnished with deals colleagues so the business aide to client proportion never got low. There was maybe a slight presumptuous air with regards to how these partners welcomed their clients (Louis Vuitton, 2010), which is unpardonable except if a large portion of their clients have coordinating grandiose demeanors. They were, nonetheless, present close by the clients for the duration of the time that the client was perusing, eagerly releasing data about the items accessible in stock, just as their area in the huge showcase all through the

Weighted-average cost of capital and capital structure Essay

Weighted-normal expense of capital and capital structure - Essay Example Nowadays the world network is quick dealing with the recessionary patterns in practically all segments. The corporate world is feeling the squeeze to reduce expenses and do equity with the current workforce.On the one hand organizations are attempting to increase significant help from the particular governments; while then again, all endeavors are being made to get rid of undue consumptions, and making the capital structure ideal in effectiveness. Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) is a key methodology towards making the capital structure the most profitable for the organization. Almost certainly organizations may have embraced such exercise numerous multiple times previously, however the way wherein the business is encountering the weight in the present setting, makes it even more fundamental for the organizations to have a relook at a portion of the arrangements and methodology for figuring the WACC. Along these lines, this examination is a push to break down the techniques re ceived for computing the weighted normal expense and how organizations utilize such counts in showing up at sound budgetary choices for their venture plans.Managers should make key proceeds onward the premise of both outside and inner investigation. They need to control costs and oversee cash for the continuous activities just as for the advanced ventures. This could be through getting ready or checking on spending plans, cost reports, or travel approvals. It might be money the board or deals the executives. For money related administration, markets and conditions are surveyed. Inside, working and money related capacities of the organization/association are broke down by utilizing the hard realities, for example the fiscal reports, spending plans and so on. Venture choices happen to be very significant for an organization and its business activities. Business people regularly face the problem of receiving one sort of capital structure as contrasted and options accessible. There are various partners engaged with a business suggestion. Other than the money related assets, the endeavor requires the help of human capital, scholarly capital, relationship capital and so on. (Fletcher et al, 2003). While the endeavors for improving different kinds of capital requires a greater amount of scholarly capital and interior control, the money related choices for the organization require a sound comprehension of the monetary position winning inside the nation/area, the market position and the procedures being received by the serious organizations. The Weighted Average Cost of Capital in this way ends up being a helpful instrument in managing the monetary choice and discovering the pace of profits that the organization can expect at the appointed time. The drawn out arranging choices taken with the assistance of WACC can likewise be evaluated over the span of tasks, on the off chance that it is discovered that the genuine figures are broadly at difference with the normal paces of profits. The counts of weighted normal expense of capital includes concurring proportionate load to every class of capital sources like, basic stock, favored stock, bonds and some other long haul debt1. Administrative financial aspects requests examination of present and real expenses. In the money saving advantage investigation opportunity cost likewise accentuates the job of judgment. Modernized computation should be possible while investigating the money related subtleties of one's own organization,

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Industrial Revolution Essay Example for Free

Mechanical Revolution Essay Mechanical Revolution is viewed as a significant period in human advancement which happened in the period towards the finish of the eighteenth century extending to the nineteenth century. Modern insurgency is said to have started in the United Kingdom and later spread to different pieces of the world including the remainder of Europe, North America among different pieces of the world. During this period there were significant changes in the agrarian part, transportation, and assembling among different circles of life. These progressions were to impactsly affect the social, financial, and social existence of the individuals in Britain which was the support of the upheaval. This paper will look at the focal manners by which the Industrial Revolution changed the western social orders. Effects of the Industrial Revolution The beginning of the Revolution is viewed as a pivotal defining moment throughout the entire existence of humankind as it prompted changes in practically every part of life. The Revolution began towards the finish of the eighteenth century when there was automation of the material business, rise of new iron creation abilities, and an expansion in the usage of cleaned coal. There were enhancements in the vehicle organize which encouraged trade of merchandise and enterprises. For the most part, a development in different ventures was seen and difficult work was supplanted by automation which prompted expanded creation . The material business was among the first to feel the effects of the mechanical upset. The development of the cotton gin in 1794 acquired effectiveness isolating of cotton seeds from fiber. The disclosure of the sewing machine in 1846 further altered the material business as the creation of garments moved from homes to enterprises. Aside from the effects of the industrialization on the local enterprises, the upheaval prompted expanded profitability in the homesteads because of motorization of horticulture. With expanded profitability in the ranches, enterprises sprung up and people grouped specifically locales working in the ventures or occupied with exchange. This in the long run prompted the improvement of towns and urban communities . Headway in innovation during this period prompted the development of private enterprise as the proprietors of the methods for creation became more extravagant. There was an expansion in the monetary development which was because of the new advancements of the modern insurgency as found in the multiplying of the UK’s buying power and an ascent in the all out national pay during the nineteenth to twentieth century . The unrest additionally achieved changes in the country’s political structures in Britain as industrialists started supplanting the land proprietors of the agrarian period to get persuasive in the country’s monetary and power structure. There were likewise modifications in the working conditions as production lines furnished the laborers with poor working conditions. These included poor ventilations, stuffing, youngster work was on the ascent, and people were inadequately paid and worked under risky and perilous conditions . The workers were paid less wages that prompted advancement of ghettos since they could barely manage the cost of not too bad lodging. The laborers were commonly working under outrageous conditions which constrained the administration of the day to pass enactments that would oversee the interests of the laborers. The laborers additionally started endeavors that brought about the making of worker's organizations which upset for their inclinations . The Industrial Revolution likewise prompted advancements in the vehicle and correspondence area. A few developments prompted the effectiveness in this segment as street systems were improved, water transport supported through the creation of steam motors, and correspondence made simpler particularly with the revelation of transmitted machines. Railroad transport was likewise evolved and this facilitated the vehicle of mass merchandise, items, and crude materials to the businesses . End There is no uncertainty that mechanical unrest was an extremely important occasion in mankind's history. There were incredible progressions and developments that were planned for making life progressively proficient simultaneously expanding creation. In spite of the fact that the transformation concocted its difficulties, it stays to be a urgent piece of mankind's history as it completely reformed the world into another request.

How to Write an Essay For College Application

How to Write an Essay For College ApplicationMany students today feel that they need to learn how to write an essay for a college application. This is a common misconception. Essays are not mandatory but they do carry significant weight when they are submitted. They can be quite confusing and intimidating if you do not know what you are doing, so learning to write an essay for a college application is not just about being clever or having knowledge about the topic.The best way to write an essay for a college application is to follow the accepted format. As with many things, it helps to follow a pattern. This is all about practice. You will soon come to understand how to write an essay for a college application that will produce results.The structure of the essay is to begin with a thesis statement that needs to be supported by supporting facts. This thesis statement should be something that is unique to the reader. In other words, the reader has to be able to find it in themselves to understand why the writer is writing the essay. It is imperative that the thesis statement is written in such a way that the reader will be motivated to take action in order to get to the supporting facts.The second step in how to write an essay for a college application is to provide supporting evidence. In order to provide supporting evidence, your essay needs to demonstrate your ability to think logically and give examples. With this evidence, you should not be too ambiguous with the examples. If it is an example of a situation, explain in detail how it happened. Exaggeration can be counterproductive, so stick to the facts.Another aspect of how to write an essay for a college application is to carefully consider the content of the essay. Take time to think about what you really want to say about the topic. You should also take the time to consider what the problem is and then offer a solution. A good strategy for how to write an essay for a college application is to think about the idea and then use the experiences of your life as well as your previous work experience to help you come up with an idea that will make a great essay.Another factor that may influence how to write an essay for a college application is the expected length of the application and acceptance letter. Some students feel that they have nothing to say and are eager to submit their application. However, be careful that the length of the letter is appropriate for the expectations of the college.Finally, a final step in how to write an essay for a college application is to be ready to read the letter. This does not mean expecting it to be perfect. The student will need to read the letter in order to know whether or not they want to write a response.As you can see, there are many steps involved in how to write an essay for a college application. However, it is easier to learn about these steps and get started on writing an essay for a college application after you are prepared to begin. Onc e you are armed with these steps, you will be able to take the initiative and create an essay that will impress the college admissions officers.

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AP English Composition a rhetoric class without rhetoric

When it first crossed my mind that I might be able to rework the original version of The Critical Reader into a prep book for the AP English Language and Composition exam, one of the initial things I did was head over to the College Boards website and read the AP Comp course description. Id done some tutoring for the exam a few years back, but it wasnt a test Id been constantly immersed in, as was  the case for the old SAT. I also knew that in addition to changing the SAT, the College Board had planned overhauls for a number of AP exams. Interestingly, the AP English Comp test was not officially listed among them; however, as I read the description for 2014 and beyond, it became clear that the test had recently  undergone some important changes. To be sure, I knew that SAT Reading was being pared down to handful of concepts (the skills that matter most!). Nevertheless, I was a tad taken aback when I came across the following statement, nestled among endless paragraphs touting the importance of rhetorical reading: Growth in skills cannot be measured or assessed as students’ mastery of a vocabulary of rhetorical terms. While older versions of this course (including questions on the AP English Language and Composition Exam itself) relied on knowledge of terminology as a way of assessing student work, the AP English Language and Composition Exam has evolved to emphasize the appropriate application of such terminology in students’ analyses of texts. Any rhetorical terms that appear in this course are best situated as part of the teacher’s vernacular, not the students’. A rule of thumb for students’ vocabulary may be to reinforce language often heard in public discourse, or what we may call terms for functional rhetoric. These terms may include, but are not limited to context, appeals, purpose, audience, attitude, diction, and syntax. (AP English Language and Composition Course Description, p. 21) So essentially, the College Board is saying that AP English and Composition is a rhetoric course that should not include the actual teaching of rhetoric. Take a moment and try to wrap your head around that one.   Its unlikely anyone would argue that AP English Comp should consist of nothing more than memorizing dozens of obscure rhetorical figure (although Shakespeare, to cite one prominent example, doesnt seem to have had his creativity particularly stifled by that type of approach). I dont think, however, that that approach was ever emphasized  in American classrooms in the first place or at least it hasnt happened for a very long time. Arguing that students are only now  being saved from rote drilling is the flimsiest of straw men. This is essentially the application of a very misguided idea pushed to its logical extreme namely, that the learning of specific terms and pieces of information is not only the opposite of true learning (which is held to be  authentic or natural), but that acquiring this type of discrete knowledge actively  prevents true learning from occurring. Thus, in the service of promoting true learning, it is necessary to deprive students of knowledge. Reductio ad absurdum. Now, the College Board is at least willing to concede that teachers can have some knowledge of rhetorical terminology, but as for students well, it wouldnt be quite proper for students to learn anything beyond the basics. Never mind that learning that kind of thing was traditionally the entire point of the course. If this were a remedial class, that argument might  have some credibility, but by definition, the whole point of the AP program is to provide students with  advanced work.   This is kind of like insisting that students can master biology without memorizing the parts of a cell or the difference between a gene and a chromosome. As I wrote about a while back, memorization is a component of critical thinking, not its opposite. To suggest otherwise is a fallacy, a false dichotomy, and all sorts of other rhetorical/logical terms that people responsible for designing a college-level rhetoric and composition class should know about. Obviously – obviously – students should learn to apply their knowledge, but one cannot apply knowledge that one does not have!   Whether this is the work of true believers (of which I believe David Coleman is one) or merely a cynical ploy to further expand the appeal of AP Comp – already the most popular AP exam – while ensuring an acceptable number of students still pass is unclear. Most likely, it’s a combination of both. But either way, the philosophy of learning it promotes is deeply problematic.  You can argue about the real-world value of learning rhetorical devices until youre blue in the face, but as a general principle, teaching students less does not make them  more knowledgeable. Ignorance is ignorance, not knowledge. Thats just how  reality works. And eventually, reality has a  way of catching up with you.   I confess that I sometimes feel like a broken record saying these things, but I think its important to keep stating them publicly. When the driving philosophies of this powerful an educational organization are based on nonsense (albeit widely accepted nonsense), someone needs to call that out. Rhetoric is the language of textual  analysis, and rhetorical figures are the fundamental components of an analytical vocabulary. In their absence, there is simply no way to discuss a text with any degree of precision, to understand how it actually functions and what makes it effective (or not). Taking away that vocabulary impedes not only the’ ability to write about texts at an  advanced level, but the ability to even perceive how they work. Reading rhetorically and writing analytically are not natural acts   acquiring the  vocabulary is  inseparable from  acquiring the skill.   On one hand, the College Board asserts that students should learn to  write prose characterized by precise word choice and stylistic variation, and on the other it tries to deprive  them of the tools necessary to do those things. Clearly,  someone lacks a sense of irony.   But all  that said, lets  consider what this  means in terms of the AP Comp exam. On one hand, the College Boards statement is somewhat disingenuous. The rhetorical analysis  essay is still a prominent component of the test, and clearly, the stronger a rhetorical vocabulary you have, the better an essay you can write. That said, the de-emphasis of rhetorical figures means that provided you write a well-structured, easily comprehensible essay with a clear thesis, you can get away with a pretty superficial knowledge of rhetorical terminology. As long as you know the basics – simile, metaphor, diction, syntax, appeal to emotion (College Board favorite!) – you don’t need to worry about things like chiasmus, litotes, zeugma, and anadiplosis. So if you’re at all tempted to spend  these last few weeks before the exam trying to cram lists of rhetorical figures, you can put them aside and go study for AP Calc instead. The area in which the change is most significant is the multiple-choice reading. In  the past, the exam reliably featured questions that looked like this: In lines x-y, the author makes use of which  of the following (A) apostrophe (B) euphemism (C) antithesis (D) clichà © (E) metaphor Now, however, virtually all rhetorical strategy  questions have now been transformed into â€Å"purpose† or â€Å"function† questions, e.g. The author’s use of the analogy in lines x-y  primarily serves to (A) call attention to an exception  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   (B) defend a claim  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   (C) emphasize an ironic point of view   (D) evoke an emotion (E) appeal to the audience’s sense of justice While this question appears to revolve around the identification of a rhetorical figure (analogy), the reality is that it’s really asking about the larger point the lines containing the analogy serve to support or convey. Basically, if you can identify that information, the analogy itself is irrelevant. It is not necessary  to know what the rhetorical term means to answer the question. Yes, there are a handful of common terms that you need to know (anecdote, irony, metaphor, digression, generalization, assertion), but the more exotic stuff? Gone. Now, I was curious as to whether these changes have registered with the major test-prep publishers, so I took a trip to the bookstore (from which I am writing this post)  and checked out the  AP English Comp guides produced by four of the usual suspects: Princeton Review, Kaplan, McGraw Hill, and Barron’s. Sure enough, every single one included outdated  multiple-choice questions that directly tested more advanced rhetorical figures.  Clearly,  these changes have not been widely noted.   So if you are practicing with one of these books, please, please be aware that they give a misguided impression of what is actually on the exam in 2017.   Why do I get so worked about rhetoric? Well, if you’ll humor me, I’d like to offer a personal anecdote. People are often surprised to learn that I was never a straight-A student in English during high school. I mostly got an assortment of B-pluses and occasional A-minuses, but things never really seemed to gel for me. My English classes, like those at pretty much every other American high school, did not cover rhetorical terminology in any systematic way. I knew what similes and metaphors were of course, but beyond that, not much. At the same time, I couldnt really figure out just what my English teachers wanted. You know those kids who seem to just intuitively suss out what their teachers are looking for and give it to them? Well that wasn’t me. The whole business of analyzing various peoples writing was a mystery to me, even though I read a lot. The rules just seemed so fuzzy. Interestingly, my first real glimpse of the world of rhetoric came when I was studying for the AP English Comp test. My school did not offer a formal AP English class, but students  were encouraged to sign  up for the exam regardless. Having virtually no guidance about how to prep, I sat myself down with a dictionary of rhetorical figures. The sheer number and foreignness of them made me panic (how on earth was I supposed to learn all this?) but it also gave me a glimpse of a new way of thinking. This rhetoric stuff,  what was it really? Clearly it was important entire books had been dedicated to it.  But  if it was important, why  had my teachers been ignoring it for all these years? A few years later, during my junior-year abroad stint in the hyper-traditional French university system, where I studied basically nothing but rhetoric in my literature classes, I discovered that knowing lots of rhetorical terminology actually made analyzing things (not just a literature) a whole lot easier. I had always struggled to start papers: I never knew what to focus on, or how to develop an argument, or how to engage with a text on a word-by-word level. Learning about things like anaphora and parataxis and synecdoche gave me a language for approaching a text and describing what authors were doing; they allowed me to quickly understand how the parts of a text worked together to create a whole. All I had to do was start by describing how the language worked rhetorically, and I’d quickly find myself with a solid thesis. For someone who used to compulsively procrastinate and torture herself over getting started on pretty much every paper she had ever written, this was literally a life-altering development. But if that doesn’t persuade you, let me conclude by appealing to your sense of practicality: without a strong and varied set of tools for understanding how texts work, the range of things you can notice and discuss in your papers is greatly restricted. Discussing things takes up space – if you’re trying to fill five or 10 pages quickly, it helps to have lots of stuff to talk about. The more specific you can be, the easier a time you’ll have filling up space. Otherwise, you are basically stuck rehashing the content, describing in great detail the reader’s probable reactions, or using lots of adjectives to talk about how great the author’s work is (the major things that I see in students’ writing). That might fly in high school, but it probably  won’t work in college. That is not to say your college professors will expect you to discuss rhetorical figures in depth in your papers – with the possible exception of a freshman rhetoric class, they won’t – but it will greatly expand your ability to notice how arguments are put together and create readable, interesting prose. And that is also a skill you can apply to almost anything that involves reading and writing  in the real world, from writing a standout cover letter to soothing an angry colleague over email 3,000 miles away.

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Health Is Not A Singular Concept Essay - 1249 Words

With almost any visit to a doctor the question will come up, â€Å"Have you been eating healthy?† Everyone would like to think so or at least impress the doctor by saying so, but the term â€Å"health† may contradict the stereotypical simple answer of eating fruit and vegetables and working out. In fact, doctors may even have the wrong impressions on health when giving their patients advice. Over three articles, different authors have shared their views on health, what it means, and how it affects our society. From these, I comprised my own definition for health. Health is not a singular concept. Rather, it affects an entire society, allowing everyone to access food filled with the necessary nutrients to sustain life. This definition though has no use unless it is able to be shared with large populations. Therefore, education and ease of implementation are the most critical parts of the definition of health because they allow the American citizens to put the values of h ealth into practice. From the arguments, the authors vary in their abilities to make convincing arguments based on how well their health plans are defined. The first author, Michael Pollan, establishes health as a societal term. He desires to create a healthy, utopian society by changing the way food is produced. In his argument in the article â€Å"Farmer in Chief,† Michael Pollan points out that â€Å"the health of a nation’s food system is a critical issue of national security.† This shows how seriously he takes America’sShow MoreRelatedCultural Competency And Awareness, Organization, And Skills1605 Words   |  7 Pages It is important to first define cultural competency, as the ability for health professionals to work in situations where their personal culture may not be identical to that of the patient they are interacting with (Blackburn, 2015). Unfortunately, there is no definitive definition utilized across professions (Suarez-Balcazar et al., 2011). This can make it difficult to pursue in both teaching it and evaluating it. In fact, this study will only touch on one method of evaluating cultural competenceRead MoreCrisis Management Communication Plan1291 Words   |  6 Pages(Roberts, 2005 ). Effective communication vitally important in health care setting. Ineffective or miscommunication in health care setting can lead to unnecessary death and serious Injury. In health care setting organization safety is generally define as freedom from accidental. Because the days of Hippocrates, the concept of ‘do not harm’ has been incorporate into Health care ethical practice. At the time of disaster effective communicationRead MoreConcepts of the Discipline of Nursing Essay1552 Words   |  7 PagesConcepts Central to the Discipline of Nursing In order to critically examine the concepts central to the discipline of nursing it is important to clarify my understanding of what constitutes a discipline. Nursing literature has led me to understand that a discipline can be, in simple terms, thought of as a field of study with a unique perspective which gives rise to the nature and scope of inquiry of that field and therefore leads to a specialized body of knowledge (Parker, M Smith, M, 2010).Read MoreThe Intelligence Theories Of Intelligence1695 Words   |  7 Pagesacquire new expertise or understanding. The term ‘intelligent quotient’ or IQ testing was first devised by a German psychologist named William Stern in the early twentieth century. The French Psychologist, Alfred Binet first introduced in 1905, the concept of children possessing a certain set of abilities which made up their ‘mental age’ (MA) compared to chronological age (CA) known as the ‘mental-age scale’. Binet’s method was structured upon his reasoning that a ‘slow’ child was retarded in mentalRead MoreThe Death Of Artemio Cruz1291 Words   |  6 Pageswritten in 1962 by Carlos Fuentes chronicling the singular life and destiny of a man raised in the lower classes of Mexico, who manages to rise into political and economical power through intrigue and Manichean maneuverings. The following book critique will contain a summary of the novel and provide some examples and parallels on core course concepts evident in the story, hopefully demonstrating what learning was obtained using the lens of global health matters. Some of my personal musings and reflectionsRead MoreNursing Theory And Nursing Practice Essay1181 Words   |  5 Pageslevel of care that includes around-the-clock monitoring inside an intensive care unit, delivered by a team of medical professionals. First of all, Joseph and the administration team clearly defined the characteristics of medical, nursing and allied health care staffing. To assess optimal patient care, having good human resources such as man power and well-structured collaboration among professional workers are very important. Nursing staffs are managed by dedicated, extensive experienced nurse managerRead MoreHow Do Parental Psychiatric Disorders Impact Children? Essay1422 Words   |  6 PagesPsychological Exploration: How Do Parental Psychiatric Disorders Impact Children? According to National Alliance on Mental Health (2016), recent findings have concluded that 1 in 5 adults have experience with a mental disorder in a given year. Children that are associated with these individuals can have different outcomes of life as compared to families without said individuals. These outcomes don t necessarily have to be positive or negative, but they do become a substructure of who you are. AsRead MoreSources Of Resistance And Changes Of The Ajax Minerals Essay918 Words   |  4 Pagescompany’s situation and business decisions. This would include making them aware and including them in business decision. When companies enter the decision-making process, the outcomes from the decisions made can greatly affect both the company s health and its employees. Bringing employees onboard when making decisions about the company s future helps strengthen your relationship with each employee. You ll gain respect from your employees and instill a sense of responsibi lity in your workforceRead MoreDesign Of The Electronic Health Records System1118 Words   |  5 PagesThe purpose of this section is to assist in formalizing ideas for the design of The Electronic Health Records system. Speciï ¬ cally, this section will illustrate the unique attributes of individual Electronic Health Records databases, explain how these databases are constructed, describe their uses and data elements and types. It will also produce a detailed data model of the database to meet the end user requirement. The Enterprise Data Model System methodology has the following main stages: At thisRead MoreThe Shortcomings Of Canadian Welfare System886 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction From the introduction of universal health care in the late 1970s, a result of political maneuvering between federal liberals and NDPs, Canada has occupied a strange space in health care policy and management (Maiona, 1997). On one hand, Canada features a more accessible system than the health care system of the United States, which has only recently moved towards a government mandated system. On the other hand, research has identified the shortcomings of Canadian welfare systems in comparison